Sunday, January 06, 2008


applied wonderApplied Wonder Mandala - (Circles of Wonder series) - © Sue O'Kieffe 2008

Today is the 12th day of Solstice. Traditionally it was a time of celebration. The Light was returning, people played games, feasted, and said farewell to the darkness. Today is also Epiphany, a Christian feast to celebrate the birth of Jesus and the shining forth of God in human form. As a feeling, epiphanies represent a sudden realization or comprehension of the essence or meaning of something. (fromWikipedia here and here).

And so I bid adieu to this season of light and greet the beginning of a new season with a new mandala series, Circles of Wonder. I have stated my intent for 2008 as one having more fun and exploration and have joined in Leah Piken's low impact challenge to Create Every Day in 2008. If you aren't familiar with her blog and inspirational encouragement, be sure to mosey over her way. This is my first posting about this year long goal. I hope to create from a place of wonder and curiosity, and have a bit of fun in the process.

I must admit that I have been feeling a little bored because I have grooved out a comfortable rut in my creating. After reading Debi Cates' enthusiasm over Photoshop's apply image command, I got to wondering and the image above is what shined forth for me. Now that I have a little understanding of this function, I will dissect it in a future Photoshop tutorial, which I hope to continue on a bi-weekly basis.

And in case you were wondering, here are the source images for the mandala.


marsh mosaic merged

marsh mosaic merged

So below is the holiday series in slowslide form. I look forward to the continued sharing of our artisitic visions with each other in the year to come. May you all find delight in your many and varied personal epiphanies. Here's to wonder!


Debi said...

Sue that turned out wonderfully! I can't wait to see your "dissection" of the technique. I just do it. But I have no idea what I'm doing. ha

I love the title of this new series and I predict it will bring forth many new delights.

P.S. It's now twice I've gotten the charge of seeing my name as one of your labels. Thank you.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Sue,

It is great to see the light getting longer here ... whew!

I think it is great you are going outside your comfort zone!

~ Diane Clancy

John M. Mora said...

This is truly beautiful and your inspiration and conviction are equaly evident in images and text. Beautiful and I see the longer light at the middle of the tunnel.

This Mandala exudes life and energy. That blue is formidable.

Top be honest, I am starting to "like" (truly enjoy) Mandalas, meaning that they are becoming more intimate and taking a form in me. Makes sense?

What a great start.

marianne said...

wonderful! LOve slideshows, love mandalas so..................

Sybil Archibald said...

Really beautiful!

Unknown said...

Debi, I think it's only right to give credit to those who are the source of inspiration. I love that little rush, too!
Diane, It does feel good to push at the edges of the envelope.
John, Im really touched by your most generous commentary. Im glad you are enjoying the form, too. One of these days Im gunna sample one of your typos, because I been wonderin....
Marianne, Thank you for visiting. Comments from another mandala maker are such a pleasure for me.
Sybil, Thanks for the thumbs up :)

Frances said...

Beautiful. I love this one so much. It is so lively and yet calm. ethereal but grounded, really apt for Twelfth Night. Loved the photos as well - not only as an insight into the mandala, but in their own right.
Have a great mandala-filled 2008

healingmagichands said...

I am in awe of your slideshow. How incredibly beautiful your images are!