Saturday, January 12, 2008


orange ade

Orange Ade

pen and ink, crayons
© Sue O'Kieffe 2008

Anyone visiting my blog for the first time might well wonder what this meandering doodle has to do with mandala making.
Every Saturday I take a break from my regularly scheduled programming and offer up my version of sacred silliness. I began these doodles in November to ward off some boredom I'd been feeling and to get a break from the computer. For the past two months I've tried to doodle every night before I go to sleep. Sometimes these scribbles are done rather quickly and others take longer to complete. This meandering was a week long project.

Orange is such a delicious color. I want to squeeze and savor it and wipe the juice right off my chin. One time, visiting Florida, I ate tangerines as big as grapefruits and a million times as sweet. Twenty five years later, the memory of such succulence remains vivid and delectable.

Are there colors you just can't get enough of? Are they related to events in your life? Do you think that color heals?

All of the doodles I post in 2008 are going to the Creative Every Day group folder as well as to sue's doodles, both on flickr. Fun stuff. I am honored to be playing with and contributing to this amazing group of artists. C'mon by.


John M. Mora said...

I am drawn to green and blues - they remind me of what I like best in nature. Other colors tend to be accents - reds and yellows and orange.

Orange is one of the few words in Engish that cannot be rhymed. I think, pretty sure.

I have bought citrus in mid Florida on my way to Di$ney and even grapefruits where sweet!

I like your doodles - they show humor and your lightness of being. They also show you to be very open to your peers, here.

My best for the weekend. When you spot a bird today, in flight or song, I will be there.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Sue,

My colors ... as you know ... are aqua, hot pink and purple. They inspire me and uplift me.

Any bright cheerful colors I like to. Though I also like dark with high contrast bright colors ..

Did I mention I like bright .. it is healing to me? *smile*

~ Diane Clancy

Bobbie said...

I think that red cheers and excites me. Blue on the other hand bores me most of the time. But truly I love all the colors and can never get enough of them. I dream of a zen-like home with nothing but natural colors, but my love of color always sabotages me.

I must confess that I've copied you and started a doodle journal. I've missed a few days, but have been hitting it regularly since Jan. 1st. I think it will help me get in touch with art, and open me up to possibilities. So you see, I am still your faithful student :)

Kris Cahill said...

I love to heal with color. And orange is one of my very favorites. Also gold, hot pinks, reds, and limey greens.

This doodle is a blast! It looks like it is still growing. I hope you leave an extra sheet of paper at the top so it can grow while you are sleeping. Tomorrow morning you might have 2 doodles!

Leah said...

mm, orange is a lovely color. and i'm loving your meandering drawing here!

Unknown said...

john, i heard you in the song of robins, the hum of hummers, and the caw of ravens. boy, you sure get around :)
diane, i can usually predict the work of mine you will like alot
bobbie, are you wearing a blue shirt with red flowers in your profile pic?
kris, your comment made me grin. are my doodles like some amorphic slime?
leah, thanks for stopping by. i love it when you do!busy woman that you are