Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Ever since I began making digital art I have wanted to collaborate with another digital artist and my wish came true this past week. If you have never seen John Mora's most intriguing art which I am still not sure how he creates (and leaves me tilting my head this way and that when I look at it), I hope you will skee.daddle on over and be awed for yourself. Anyway, John has said feel free to borrow and so I did. I was really attracted to the colors of this image

just add fringeJust Add Fringe (Mora/O'Kieffe) - it sorta reminded me of a scarf or a shawl sans adornment around the edges

rolling deesRolling Dees - (Mora/O'Kieffe) - linear/nonlinear, some kind of wild hubcap or manhole cover.

moraMora +
juniperJuniper =

juniper moraJuniper Mora (O'Kieffe/Mora) - two worlds joined via blending modes. Synergy exalted!

Anyone else want to mon.key around?


John M. Mora said...

Sue, I am so honored - they are very beautiful, the middle one a bit more hyper than your lovely singular vision, but they are yours and yours solely.

For once I am almost speechless. Thank you for the beautiful transformations - and also for the "too kind" words.

Despite your caption, a lawyer would consider it an admission of guilt ($pin, baby, spin) , I do not plan to sue you in court.

I do give you a hug, if that does not break googling protocol. I previewed the hug using that blue comments button and it was bloggy nice....

Thank you - sample anytiome and the results are all yours.....My best.

Bobbie said...

Just watching the two of you is great fun, Sue. The is one of my favorite works of John's and now it has turned into a tibet.mantra thanks to you.

Kris Cahill said...

This is an excellent collaboration! What fun to come by and find this today. What I find interesting is that, while I enjoy each of your own work on its own, somehow this combination of elements takes on a 3D quality. I believe the word you used here is 'synergy' and that's how I experience it.

How exciting. I am looking forward to more!

Irene said...

I visit John every day and very much enjoy his creations. It is nice to see artists use each other's images to create something new. I have used one of Lisa Sarsfield's collages, but I still have to do something with one of John's images.

It truly is a big small world this way.

Bev said...

Just come off Diane's blog. Although you have not been among my blogging circle, I seen your influences all over the place. I particularly love the first one. Looks like a Persian carpet. I am not artistic, just like a layperson in a gallery, who likes looking at the work. Though you don't have to walk round this gallery as it's in cyberspace lol Enjoy seeing the results of these new collaborations.

The Artful Eye said...

Wow! What a wonderful collaboration. These are remarkable.Two fabulous artists.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Sue,

This is a wonderful collaboration!! You have been branching out a lot!

They are magical .. definitely see John there too!

~ Diane Clancy

Frances said...

These are gorgeous. They have a great feel of modern tapestry art - such texture and vibrancy.