Monday, January 07, 2008


This video is about 10 minutes long but worth the viewing. I like Charles Gilchrist's energy and it's easy to believe he has a passion for his art and his mission. I missed out on loving geometry when I was in high school.

I love what he says about sacred geometry satisfying the left brain and the right brain simultaneously.

Im curious, for those of you who read my blog and create in this circular form, what is it about making mandalas that you appeals to you? And for those of you who don't, what appeals in the viewing?


Teri said...

Wow oh wow, this was an exciting 10 minutes and I am going to pursue this more. Thank you so much for featuring it!

I actually am gaining a better appreciation of why I love doing mandalas from J. Cornell's book and this video and all because you took me under your wing so to speak.

I totally lose myself when doing a mandala and it is such a wonderful 'lostness'. I feel so good when I 'come' back.

And lastly , now I know WHY I LOVE DAISIES!!! Never realized it until I saw this.

Thank you.

Mary Bee said...

Interesting. I created mandalas by hand on paper with pen, protractor and ruler for probably 30 years of my life. People would say that it looked so stressful to be doing such exact fine detail. But it was soothing to me because it stopped the thinking process and all took place between my eye and my hand. My thoughts were virtually left out.

I found my way to your blog because I'm in the Create Everyday challenge too.

Teri said...

I am still thinking about this :). Since I love mandala's so much, something about that circle I guess, that I want to try a watercolor in the round. Thanks again.

John M. Mora said...

My computer speakers are not working - rats - and the guy is a lousy mime. Want to look at it.

I like the serenity of the Mandalas. The focus and the unity and the calm I get even when vivid. I am a rookie, though. I do like what I see.

Thank you for all your comments. My best.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Sue,

Very interesting video!! I have it to view again!

I love the harmony of mandalas ... the going around and around and unity and healing ...

~ Diane Clancy

John M. Mora said...

Glad to fine see and hear video. very inteteresting. Thanks.

Like the two sides of the brain part.

Irene said...

I like mandala making from existing images, because there is always a surprise element in it.I think I can influence the outcome, but to a certain extend I am always surprised. As I become smarter about predicting the outcome, I get smarter about which images I choose. I like Baroque mandalas that are romantic and full of detail and color and depth. It is very satisfying to look at them afterwards and think about how it came to be and if you can repeat that same trick with another image.

Mary Bee said...

I was looking at your Photoshop tutorials. This is nice of you to share these basic tips with others like this. One of my favorite things that I use the most that I see not there is the "smudge" tool. It saves me so often. No I nudge you to instruct to smudge. Smiling.

Thanks for dropping by. One day soon I'll download one of my mandalas just to share with you what I was talking about above.

Does the name Mary (Merry) Bronson sound familiar to you because your name sounds familiar and I lived up in Mendocino once upon a time and have lived in northern Cali all my life.

Unknown said...
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Sybil Archibald said...

I finally got a chance to watch this. The end is extremely interesting. Single-pointedness is something I hadn't considered before. Thanks!