Tuesday, December 04, 2007


When I was a youngster, I had a hard time with math. I especially found geometry boring, dry, and uninteresting. If high school geometry teachers had approached the subject in a way to show us how it related to the beauty of the universe, I might have been inspired to appreciate it differently.

Recently I read on Painter of Blue's most thoughtful blog, Art of the Spirit, When the mind engages with sacred geometry it is elevated and expanded in a particular way. It engages us without going through the feeling body. Much of western art is about emotion and the heart. It is a more Eastern approach to spirituality to travel to God through the Divine mind.

I know that the principles of sacred geometry are embedded in my mandalas inspired by nature. That is why you see cathedral windows in some of my work, because cathedral windows are based on these same mathematical formulas.

I have begun poking around looking for more information on this topic. What did we ever do before YouTube, anyway? I thought I would, over the next week or so, post some videos I have found on this most intriguing topic.

Enjoy. And let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

Very cool - now I have to go see more!
Sorry about the "anon" signature, but google/blogger has changed their signature and I can't get my sign in to work, so must sign 'anon' on all of these I visit. Annoying.
Tammy V

Debi said...

Wow. Thank you for including that video. It was a wonderful primer for those of us who are drawn only "intuitively." Now we have a deeper appreciation!

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Thanks for bringing this up, Sue. Interestingly, this is the second reference to the subject that I've come across in the past 2 weeks. I had never heard of it before. I believe the Universe is educating me.

Painter of Blue said...

Interesting video! I never thought of looking for sacred geometry on youtube. Thanks for the mention! I enjoy your blog and love your mandalas.

Rima said...

Fascinating presentation - in these few minutes, there is enough information for hours of thinking, research and discussion - and creation. Very lovely.

Thanks for keeping up with your promise to educate us, Sue - you're bringing so much to the table. I'm still so grateful to you every time I use the layer mask in Photoshop - I kid you not! I think you're a born teacher

dianeclancy said...

Hi Sue,

I like this post. I have always loved math because of the clarity and beauty and life in it ... but then I am odd in some ways.

But at last I went to watch the video and it was bye bye - no longer available ... sigh ... haven't they heard about permalinks and the web??

~ Diane Clancy

dianeclancy said...

Hi Sue,

Wow, what a wonderful video!! Thank you!!!

As soon as he laid out the money, it clicked .. thank you so much!!

I have always loved quilts ... and I think this is part of why. Originally women did a lot of those patterns he was showing ... in quilts. I love that!

~ Diane Clancy